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Category Archives: Uncategorized

Dogs helping kids in crisis

The harms resulting from child abuse can be devastating. Specially trained therapy dogs can help kids talk about what happened to them, in conjunction with more traditional forms of counseling. This clip describes one dog helping one child in Aurora Colorado. Click to view video – Dogs help kids in times of crisis

Correcting and Removing Concerning Content from a School Record

I have received phone calls from concerned parents who wants to have a school remove something from their student’s record. The caller may be worried the school record might cause a student to lose out on a scholarship or some other potential benefit. It may be something embarrassing, or it may be a description of […]

Resources for victims of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence – Child Abuse –Bullies B.A.C.A. (Keepers of the Children) www.bacaworld.org (1-866-71-ABUSE) Bikers Against Child Abuse is an organization which bonds with, and protects, victims of physical, emotional, sexual abuse, bullying, and child pornography. The group exists to help children overcome the ongoing fear and mistrust which can result from abuse, particularly by someone […]


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