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When you are on someone else’s property, you should not be worried about your safety. When you are out shopping, visiting a doctor’s office or in an apartment building, the owners or occupiers of those properties have a duty to keep you safe. Under Arizona law, that duty changes depending on the type of property and why you are visiting. Even trespassers have some level of protection under the law. The Law Office of Barry E. Lewin represents victims who have fallen, been exposed to a toxic substance or hurt by a falling object. Whether you were injured in a supermarket, a restaurant or a construction site, our firm will do whatever it takes to get you justice.

Business owners have a duty to keep their property safe

Arizona businesses should be safe places for their clients and shoppers. Spills should be cleaned promptly, boxes shouldn’t be falling, and there should be no risk of exposure to chemicals. The way the law ensures safety to shoppers is by classifying them as “invitees.” Invitees are people who have entered onto property with an express or implied invitation for business purposes. An implied invitation simply means that a business is open for the public to walk into. An express invitation happens when you are specifically invited to the property for a business meeting.

Property owners have a duty to use reasonable care to warn invitees of unreasonably dangerous conditions. They may also be required to fix the condition or guard against injury. This duty applies when the property owner or manager knows about the condition or if it has existed for long enough that they should have known. We work to get negligent stores to pay for your injuries through a settlement or in court.

Helping people who were injured on private or public property

Other property owners also owe visitors some level of safety. When someone is invited onto a property as a guest for non-commercial purposes, they are considered a “licensee.” The property owner must warn licensees of any concealed dangers that they know about. This means that if a friend invites you over for a dinner party, he must warn you not to sit in a chair he knows is broken. Toxic substances such as lead paint in apartment buildings may also require a warning. Children are owed a higher duty. Homeowners are expected to take into account a licensee child’s ability to understand possible risks or harms. If you or your child were injured in someone else’s home or building, we will help you hold the negligent person accountable.

Even trespassers have some rights. A Phoenix land owner cannot set any kind of trap or willfully or wantonly take an action that may cause injury to trespassers. The law also seeks to make the world safer for children through a doctrine called “attractive nuisance.” When there is a condition or unsafe structure on a property, such as a pool or playground, a landowner must take special care. If the owner knew that trespass is likely and that there is an unreasonable risk of harm to kids, Mr. Lewin will seek to hold them liable for the injuries they caused.

Contact an attorney for help with a construction site injury or a slip-and-fall accident

You have rights and some expectation of safety in almost any place you go. From construction sites and parking garages to malls and apartment complexes, you should be able to move freely without injury. When a business or property owner doesn’t take the necessary steps to prevent your injury or warn you of dangers, the Law Office of Barry E. Lewin has your back. With more than three decades of trial experience, we have made many businesses pay for their negligence. Call us now at 602-325-1141 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation.

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