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Traumatic Brain Injury

Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney Helps Victims of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Diligently representing head injury victims and their families

Head injuries are often life-changing. Doctors say there is no such thing as a minor head injury. The brain is delicate and complicated, so even a simple concussion can be dangerous. Each head injury makes a person more vulnerable to future brain injuries. While some patients recover from their initial injury in a few hours, recovery for other patients can take months or years. Some patients never fully recover. Others fall into a coma or non-responsive state. The Law Office of Barry E. Lewin, P.C. works with brain injury victims and their families to provide compassionate and personalized representation.

What is a traumatic brain injury?

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a head injury caused by trauma. Any injury caused by impact or contact is considered traumatic. The word traumatic refers to the type of injury, not its seriousness. TBIs range from mild concussions to comas and even death. Brains can bruise like any other body part. This is called hematoma. Swelling in the brain cavity from bruising can further damage the brain. A brain that has suffered an impact may temporarily lose the ability to regulate pressure in the brain cavity. This means that any subsequent injuries before the brain has healed can be extremely dangerous. We help victims of all types of brain injuries, including:

  • Concussions: When an impact causes the brain to hit the inside of the skull, a person may suffer a concussion. Concussions range in severity from mild to deadly. Symptoms include dizziness, nausea and sensitivity to light. It is important to have a doctor examine you even if you think your concussion is minor.
  • Shearing: When the brain decelerates or turns swiftly on impact, different parts of the brain (white and gray matter) may move at different speeds. This causes the tissue in the brain to tear. The medical term for this process is “diffuse axonal shearing.” Like concussions, shearing injuries can range in intensity, but many cause unconsciousness.
  • Coup contrecoup: When the head suddenly decelerates upon hitting pavement or a stationary object, the brain may first smash against the site of impact and then bounce back against the part of the skull opposite this area. This is known as a coup contrecoup injury, which can include concussion and shearing.
  • Open and closed head injuries: Doctors use different terms for head injuries depending on whether the skull has been penetrated. If the skull has been breached by a foreign object or opened due to impact, this is considered an open-head injury. If the skull simply collided with something and did not open anywhere, the injury is considered closed-head. Both types of injuries can be serious.

Regardless of the type of brain injury you have suffered, the effects can last years. In addition to concussion symptoms, patients frequently suffer from cognitive and emotional problems. When you or a family member has been hurt, our firm is here to help you get justice. The road to recovery may be long and intensive, but an experienced attorney can help you get the settlement or verdict you deserve.

What are the most common causes of brain injuries?

People suffer brain injuries in all types of Phoenix accidents. They can happen on the road in car crashes, motorcycle wrecks, bike accidents or truck collisions. They happen during sports such as football, soccer, hockey and boxing. People suffer brain injuries when they slip and fall or when they are hit by a falling object. Any type of accident or impact that involves your head is cause for alarm. You should see a doctor immediately, even if you think you aren’t hurt. Sometimes symptoms don’t become obvious right away. After seeing a doctor, you should contact our personal injury lawyer to help you get justice.

Call an Arizona brain injury lawyer as soon as you can

The recovery process for brain injury victims can take years. Medical bills pile up while the injured person is unable to work. Adjusting to a new life with a damaged brain can be a painful experience that puts strain on your whole family. There is no reason to suffer alone. The Law Office of Barry E. Lewin, P.C. represents Phoenix brain injury victims in claims against insurance companies, employers, trucking companies and school districts. No matter where you or your loved one was injured, we will work hard to help you get the settlement or judgment you need to cover your medical bills and compensate you for your pain and suffering. Contact us online or call now at 602-325-1141.

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